Download 8 Innovative Trends Effecting the UK Railway Industry

It’s not just cars that are reducing their carbon emissions, train services and railway associations are as well. All forms of transport are striving to achieve net zero. I am delighted to share with you the latest report on 8 Innovation Trends Effecting the UK Railway Industry sponsored by AUTRONIC, this report focuses on

  1. Key trends for modern railways
  2. Increased electrification
  3. Infrastructure and railways
  4. Increased automation
  5. Improved efficiency through driving styles
  6. Improved safety
  7. Increased capacity
  8. Passenger requirements and experience
  9. Advanced technologies
  10. Industry insights from representatives
  11. Autronic and Display Technology role in supporting innovation

Also special contributions and views from Gareth Dennis (Railway design engineer, writer and broadcaster), Fiona Westcough (MEng(Hons) AMIMechE, National Chair 2022/23 , Young Rail Professionals), Martin Fenner (Engineering consultant Tilt Consulting) and Maggie Simpson (Director General of the Rail Freight Group).

You can download the report here

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