inductance of single conductor of transmission line

Inductance of Single Conductor of Transmission Line

Internal Inductance Consider a long conductor carrying current “I” and having radius of conductor “r” as…

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Difference between BOQ and Estimation

What is Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and Estimation | Difference between BOQ and Estimation

What is Bill of Quantity (BOQ) A Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is a detailed document that…

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electrical safety

Assessing Electrical Safety Risks Before Starting a Project: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction of Electrical Safety Electrical safety is paramount when embarking on any project that involves electrical…

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Sag calculation of Overhead Transmission line

Sag Calculation of Overhead Transmission Line | Practical Approach

Introduction In this article you learn sag calculation of overhead transmission lines. Explore the factors affecting…

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Series and Parallel combination of capacitors

Series and Parallel Combination of Capacitors

Why Combinations of Capacitors Needed The use of combinations of capacitors is similar to the combination…

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Size Selection of Electrical Power Cables

Size Selection Of Electrical Power Cables

Why Size Selection of Electrical Power cables is Important ? In order to make sure that…

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corrosion resistant materials

Effective Techniques for Preventing Corrosion in Salt-Heavy Environments for Lighting

In areas with high salinity levels, such as coastal regions or places exposed to salt-heavy environments,…

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Wind Turbine renewable Energy

Offshore Wind Turbine Generates Enough Electricity for a Household for 48 Hours (2 Days) with Just One Rotation

In a major breakthrough for the US renewable energy sector, a brand-new offshore wind farm is…

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Load curve Load Duration Curve

Load Curve and Load Duration Curve

Load Curve A load curve, also known as a chronological curve, is a graphical representation of…

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Electrical cables Construction types

A Guide to Electrical Cables | Technical Description | Indian Standards | International Standards | Cable Designations

Introduction of Electrical Cables Electrical cables are a type of insulated wires that are used for…

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Compensating Winding

Compensating winding in a DC machine | Equalizing Rings in DC machines

Compensating Winding When generators need to supply a heavy current but have weak magnetic fields excitation,…

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Resistance in series and parallel, Current Divider Rule and Voltage Divider Rule

Resistance in Series and Parallel | Current Divider Rule and Voltage Divider Rule

Need of Combining of Resistances Combining resistances is a fundamental concept in electronics and circuit design.…

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