Series and Parallel combination of capacitors

Series and Parallel Combination of Capacitors

Why Combinations of Capacitors Needed The use of combinations of capacitors is similar to the combination…

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Resistance in series and parallel, Current Divider Rule and Voltage Divider Rule

Resistance in Series and Parallel | Current Divider Rule and Voltage Divider Rule

Need of Combining of Resistances Combining resistances is a fundamental concept in electronics and circuit design.…

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Mutual inductance

Mutual inductance | Formulae | Coefficient of Coupling | Units |

What is mutual inductance Mutual Inductance is the property of a coil to induce an emf…

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Inductor | inductance | Units | Formula

What is Inductor Inductor is a passive two terminal electrical component that stores energy in the…

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Electric Power

Electric Power | Definition | Formula | Units | Types

What is Electric Power Electric power is defined as the rate of the transferred of energy…

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what is electric voltage

Electric Voltage | Definition | Formula | Units | Types

What is Electric Voltage Voltage is the pressure from an electrical circuit’s power source (e.g. battery, generator…

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Electric Current

Electric current | Definition | Types | Formula | Unit

What is Electric Current Electric current is defined as the rate of change of charge passing…

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Capacitor | Capacitance | Capacitance Formula

What is Capacitor A capacitor is a two-terminal electrical device that stores energy in the form…

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Electrical Resistor | Electrical Resistance

Introduction of Resistor Resistor is an electrical two terminal passive circuit component that offers opposition to…

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Kirchhoff's circuit laws

Explain Kirchhoff’s circuit laws

What are Kirchhoff’s circuit laws Kirchhoff postulated two basic laws in 1845 which are used for…

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ohm's Law

Ohm’s Law Definition | What is Ohm’s law explain

Ohm’s Law Definition Georg Simon ohm a Germen physicist developed a relationship between current in conductor,…

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Electric Circuit

Electric circuit | what is an electric circuit

What is an electric circuit An Electric Circuit is a closed path composed of active (Battery,…

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