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“Kusam-Meco” Handheld Micro Ohm Meter Model- Km 8501/Km 8502


KUSAM-MECO has added 2 New models of hand held milli ohm meters to their existing range of Micro/Milli ohm meters. These meters are light weight and easy to carry. These meters adopt latest microprocessor technology, 4-wire method for measuring the resistance. It is suitable for testing the resistance of coils, motors, transformers, cables, contact resistance of switches, connectors, relays etc. It has a wide measuring range. Model KM 8051 has range from 0.001mΩ to 300.0 KΩ Resolution 1µΩ whereas Model KM 8052 has measuring range from 10.0 µΩ to 50.00 KΩ (Resolution 0.1µΩ).  The test current  for  model KM 8051 is 1 Amps whereas the  test current for  model KM 8502 is 10 Amps. Both instruments are with rechargeable Li-ion battery. They can store 500 data which can be uploaded to PC. It has a big LCD screen 72 × 55mm (model KM 8051) & 108 × 65 mm (Model KM 8052). For reading in dark places there is backlight function. It is provided with USB interface & communication Cable & Software CD. When not in use for long time (15 minutes) the meter shuts off automatically to presere the battery.

The instrument size is 187 × 119 × 50mm (KM 8501) and 240 × 188 × 80mm for model KM   8502. The instruments are supplied with Test wire, USB cable, Charger, Software CD, Manual, Instrument box.

For further information:
E-mail: [email protected],
Website: www.kusamelectrical.com


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