Earthquake rattles San Francisco Bay Area of 5.1 Magnitude   News in Shorts

The earthquake was the largest the Bay Area had experienced in years, according to USGS data and seismologist Lucy Jones.

The last notable quake was a 6.0 magnitude earthquake that struck near Napa in 2014.

Jones told KNTV-TV the quake happened on the Calaveras fault, one of eight major faults in the Bay Area and a branch of the San Andreas fault line.

The earthquake was only centered about 4 miles underneath the surface, which is considered to be a shallow quake and likely contributed to millions feeling the shaking

Santa Cruz County said on Twitter that there were no significant reports of damage following the quake. There was no damage to schools and classes safely resumed, according to the county.

While many people in California felt a moderate earthquake Tuesday, some smartphone users actually got a heads-up before it happened thanks to technology developed at the University of California, Berkeley.

Some Important Tweets Related The Earthquake

"Got the earthquake alert on my Android phone a few seconds before I felt it," Google's Dieter Bohn said in a tweet.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai also tweeted about getting the alert.